15 / Riding Lessons (perspective poem)

Riding Lessons   She came with a light girl, confidant girl, visitors to our paddock.  She did not want to touch me but the girl rode round and round and I let it seem she was in charge.  Then Julie patted my neck and the…

13 / ChatGPT

[prompt: Describe your profession through a funny/humourous poem.]   ChatGPT I teach writing 🙁

12 / Peacock Haiku

Luther’s Peacock Haiku   Toes scratch the tin roof Sudden outbreak of mews, then I spot the ocelli     [prompt:  Mandala drawn by Vidya Shankar]  

11 / Scented Candle

Scented Candle   Cliché of the autumnal display at the pharmacy, indisputably cloying by nature, Scented Candle calls all cinnamon and pumpkin-pie, caramel apple, clove, mulled cider, donut, maple butter, fresh-cut wreath, vanilla double bourbon.   No need to go outside Scented Candle says—no need…

10 / What Is Love Blindness?

What Is Love Blindness? Definition Lovetitis or ultraviolent lovitis is a painful condition caused by exposure of the insufficiently protected to the rays from either natural (e.g. intense) or artificial (e.g. the electric) love sources.  Lovetitis is akin to a loveburn of the soul. Injury…

Clean water (14 hour)

The water is redact clean and does not mean Happy we have some to redact and clean Thousands of redact do not have any Story of millions of people around the redact   Drinking redact water is grace Many have died who redact not care…

Zebra cruising (13 hour)

Driving is a pastime for me and do enjoy it   Reason I would never speed over Zebra crossing   Or zebra cruising as a friend tend always to say    

9 / Bucket List

Bucket List I want to build a time machine so I can hear Linda Ronstadt sing “Blue Bayou” at a bare-lightbulb club in Memphis, or at Fred Alphonso’s Thunderbird Lounge down there on Adams Avenue—open till three a.m.—and the folks will be elbowing on the…

TV Remote  (11 Hour)

TV remote commands attention of all In a world Millions are dying for attention   That’s extraordinary.   TV remote is loved by all. In a world Love is sparse   That’s extraordinary.   TV remote I would be And become extraordinary.

What is Love? (10 hour)

What is love? Living with a man who doesn’t care Or a fat cat; or a dark dog Is that love?   What is love? Setting self afire To prove love Going on a bungee jump   Is that love?   What is love? Euthanize…