Sestina for the Night

As the clock strikes midnight my mind is on something beautiful
Away in the city she is who I long to be with this night
We don’t need any words or to speak just us together touching
It is as if the only language we have is our love
As my eyes grow weary and my heart is full I feel drunk

But in all honesty it is a foolish truth or maybe this insomnia
Curse this forsaken burden that now cast upon me. Oh insomnia!
Words muddled and lines are blurred it is almost beautiful
Trying to convey these thoughts or feelings of my love
Can I be any more frank or do my words any less touching
I can’t think straight but all I feel is the warmth of night
Just listen to me and hear me speak for am confused as a drunk

A fool am I to think that my wakefulness is clear, not drunk
Again I curse and swear and scream and blame my insomnia
Missing the sights the sounds the things that are beautiful
Are you thinking less of me amongst the confusion my love?
Because at this very moment I rather be with you hands touching
Let the sounds of the city play the lullaby of the night

And that’s what this is a man in love up at night
Pretending to be far from a truth and creatively drunk
I shouldn’t curse it or blame my companion insomnia
Since I writing words as an attempt to say what is beautiful
It is like the waltz of the stars and the moon in love
Spread out across the sky like a painting, how touching


And then my heart feels it again the long of us touching
Underneath your sheets as we listen against the night
Your eyes are closed and against me you lay. So beautiful
I am still awake and I don’t blame it anymore on the insomnia
A sharp noise wakes you but it’s just a drunk
I don’t want to be anywhere else by here beside the one I love

You talking in your sleep roll over and kiss the man you love
And I smile back run my fingers through your hair touching
The hours keep going by and I don’t want the end of this night
I understand now what the singers say it is to be love drunk
And I try to sleep but I cannot, as I cannot rid this insomnia
Yet, I am at peace with the moment that I find so beautiful

You are beautiful you are my love
Let’s spend this night touching
I am not drunk and I am lying about the insomnia

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