Sunrise (poetry in motion )

I am awake,

As I sip my coffee,  with hope.

I watch as the sun rises, and shines through my window, making everything look so bright.

I can see everything through new eyes in the Light,  the light of dawn.

Bringing warmth along the way.

As I stand at my window, coffee cup in hand.

I watch the sun rise in admiration for the fact that it is a universal confirmation, that the divine knows what it does.

I take another sip of my coffee,  as a small peace of the puzzle fits together in this light.

As my spirit lifts and becomes bright ~

Watching the sunrise,  for me never grows old.

The dawning of a bright new day,  there is no other way ~

To express the way the universal balance has it’s cosmic display.

No matter what human kind says or does,  the Sun will always rise ~

To give it’s brilliance, with another dawn,

Another beginning ~

A new mourn ~

To lift ours spirits,  to open another door,  along our way of existence…

C. Burgess (c)

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