Prompt for Hour Nine

The Great Alone

How heavy is the world?
You asked your dad
before realizing it
weighed him down

How far to the moon?
You asked your mom
before knowing its
vastness consumed her

How is want, a brother
And need, a sister?
You asked the universe before
blowing out your birthday candles

How full are my dreams?
You asked yourself
before facing
the great alone

5 thoughts on “Prompt for Hour Nine

  1. Thank you both, SarahW and troll!! I appreciate your comments! I recently lost my cousin and her daughter is now bereft of both parents and when I saw the title for this book on goodreads, I knew I had to dedicate a poem to her… I will be heading to the US for her ceremony next Thursday when school is done.

  2. Cristy, thanks for providing the backstory. It enriches the second reading to know it. And yet, the poem also stands alone. It is powerful. If I were to write favorite lines from your poem, I would just be re-writing it for you! So glad you’ll be able to be with her. Will you give her the poem?

  3. I didn’t give her the poem as she was pretty raw but I may send it to her later. She is one brave girl – even spoke about her mom at the ceremony. She will have lots of positive things coming up as she won a full scholarship to Princeton! I am so happy she has something this positive to stead her through the hard times!! Thanks again for your message!

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