Dream Depth Dribblings

A new record! I am
writing with my eyes shut.

Inspiration, what time do you call this?
Soon I will be rising before the

or writing poems in my sleep;
dream-depth dribblings will be
scrawled on a page that can’t
be read with waking eyes.

But now sleeping and waking are
becoming ever more alike –

my writing resembles my dreams;
and dreams decorate my days.

4 thoughts on “Dream Depth Dribblings

  1. Me again, I stopped writing comments after this first one while I read the rest cos I’d have been stopping every other poem or so. You’ve definitely had a great 24 hours, so many wonderful lines, images & poems. You’re gonna have a lot of fun editing these into shape. Super impressed by your output. Chookas πŸ™‚

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