Here Be Dragons…

Here be dragons mark the places on the map
Marking the point where facts and knowledge ended
And the wild places of the world beyond.
Where dangerous monsters dwell

Obviously now we know that dragons no longer exist
We drove them out with our reason and our insatiable desire to know
Dragons live on faith and mystery
Scepticism killed them

Perhaps together we could find a way to bring them back
But that would be impossible
Because we already know that they do not exist
We can’t bring them back

Perhaps one day we’ll come to terms
With how we drove our dragons off the map
But we won’t care about how this lost us
Our imagination

Is our world not big enough
To include the fact that dragons can’t exist
With the necessity of having them
The belief in something grander than ourselves

Perhaps one day we will discover
A way for both dragon and reality
To live in the same world
But then again, perhaps not.

Perhaps all we can do is dream…

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