Poem 11

Hide and seek


I hide

Behind a friend
Who was always by my side
She protects me
Not because she cares
But she don’t wanna loose her dominance over me..
She was none other but was my own fear. .
She gave a coverage..
She pampered me like a child..
I started believing her
The trust grew deeper day by day..
Then another one enters in my life..
I didn’t like her
As she always tried to seek me,
To show me that the one who is caring for me is not actually called care..
She showed me the real face of fear
She told me that you will not like me ever
May b you would scare of me..
As I m the one who will force you to take risks in your life
Who will push you to face reality..
I am courage..
Fear didn’t like the company of me and courage
As she’s now getting the intuition of loosing me
She became friend with anger to make me under her.

Now I was confused..
I was neither with fear nor with courage
I was alone thinking and defining my own presence in the world..

Obviously fear and anger was attracting me more than courage..
As I was feeling comfortable with them..
But then I thought why not to try courage for once..
I take one step ahead with courage
Then I realized I am getting inner peace and positive strength
I felt stronger. . I felt happy.
Suddenly don’t know From where, patience was watching me patiently..
I felt calm by seeing her with me too..
I got patience in myself automatically..

In the company of courage and patience..
I became the one i never imagined I could ever be. .
I forgot that I was just testing courage and patience over fear and anger..
I was different dhriti now..
From just dhriti (name which my parents gave to me on my birth), I made myself the real dhriti(which means courage and patience)

It was out of the world which I experienced..
It wouldn’t be justice to say that the fear and anger was never needed..
Because of them, I got a chance to know courage and Patience better..
Fear hid me.. courage sought me..

Respect bad and accept good,
Bad shows the importance of good.

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