Poem 3

My mornings and nights
Mornings are beautiful.
Some feels it, some not.
But all says the same..
Nights are wonderful.
Some wait for that wonder to happen, some not.
But all says the same..
We made it and mould it the way we want to..

Forget every single thought run all day in your mind
Just sleep like a little child..
Welcome every mornings as a new
To make yourself to move through..
A phone call from mom,
To a cute fight with brother..
Some good laugh with colleagues
To fun with friends..
Time spend on your passion,
To a little worry for future..
A morning wish from your receptionist
To a good night from your love..
All that is enough to complete a day,
You forced to serve
Whatever happens or you did mistakenly
Just accept it internally..

Beautiful is the word that we made..
God just sent all the things without any upgrade..
We defined and invent evrything
It’s in our hands to make it worth living..
Choice and acceptance are two different measures
Let’s decide your treasure..

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