I dream of all that I could be
Of the life that I could live
If only it could be real for me
Oh what I wouldn’t give

It comes to me in visions
And wisps of imagination
I see now more clearly
I am tired of being patient

At times I am excited
At other times afraid
I don’t want regrets
Looking at the life I’ve made

Anything is possible
What a delicious thought
Immersed in this belief
I live the life I’ve sought


With faith I step forward
A deep belief in myself
Knowing nothing can stop me now
Except for myself

No turning back
Empowered and free
There’s nothing to do
Except to be me

I show up
I give it my all
No holding back
Not afraid to stand tall

I begin to live this life
Of which I’ve dreamed about
All that’s within me
I am letting it out

Being all that I am
Playing small no more
I feel such incredible Joy
As I begin to soar

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