Hour 23 – Interview with a Legend

Interview with a Legend

My feet aren’t really that big
I mean, I’m a big guy, sure,
But my feet are in proportion to my size
If you wanna talk big feet, you should see Nessy
Just sayin’

And I’m not “shy” or “elusive”
I’m just an introvert, okay?
Why do you think I live way out here in the woods?
I need my space, that’s all

Yeah, it’s kinda lonely being me
The last of my kind and all that
Well, you’ll understand once your habitat gets destroyed

Well, gotta lumber
It was nice meeting you, Elvis

One thought on “Hour 23 – Interview with a Legend

  1. Oh this is gorgeous! A truly creative way of expressing character through this quiet conversation from, I’m guessing, the yeti, who discusses his world with others who are – or might not be – real. Loved this!

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