Hour 3: hanging the lights

hanging the lights

shivering in the snow
I hold one end
of a long string of
multi-colored lights
a queue of gems
they reach from me
to my brother
standing on the ladder

the cold doesn’t
seem to bother him
nor the height
nor the precariousness
as he reaches out
along the eves
and hooks the lights
on timeworn nails

he likes the doing of it
the job, the task
but seems not to care
for the result
I like the effect
of the house lit up
on a cold winter’s night

the laborer and the poet
we construct
a Christmas vision

4 thoughts on “Hour 3: hanging the lights

  1. I agree this i a great poem and a good choice.
    I notice you use no capitals or punctuation. Is this a stylistic choice? It didn’t interfere with the reading for me, but it might not meet Caitlin’s protocols. You might check with her.

    1. It is a stylistic choice. Caitlin’s concern is with people letting their document program – like Word – pick their Caps and punctuation. I’ve read this other places as well, and now I’m more conscientious about how I capitalize and punctuated. I find sometimes no caps gives a certain air – especially when one can’t pick the font!


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