Hour 23: Mary the Fairy

Imagine, if you will, a tiny little sparkly fairy

If you do, then think of her as I call her, Mary.

Mary likes to flit around and settle on my shoulder

Lacking that, she’ll often sit on an old, lumpy boulder.

Mary and I we like to play, we sing our little songs

Mary is full of mischief, puts things where they don’t belong.

When I am asked by others, why did you put that here?

They don’t understand, it wasn’t me, but Mary has disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Hour 23: Mary the Fairy

  1. When I was young, my older cousin gave my sister and me a fairy named Pinkie. She and her sister had one named Lucy. They never caused us any trouble and I don’t really remember them doing anything but zooming invisibly around. I haven’t thought of them in years, until reading your poem.

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