My Sweet


Your prickly outer cover
Is adorable to behold
You tiny little black nose
Wiggles with cheer untold.
Your tiny little body
Just makes me want to smile
If I had you near me
I’d go the extra mile.
I’d give you lots of yummies
I’d give you lots of love
I’d give you lots of comfy stuff
That would fit you like a glove.
I’d talk to you so sweetly
We’d hold a dialogue
If I could call you mine
You charming little hedgehog.

2 thoughts on “My Sweet

  1. Little guy sort of resembles Dougal, the shiny-loving niffler… I love hedgehogs, and enjoyed reading this poem… “fit like a glove” is a bit comical, as I wouldn’t normally think of gloves in context with these prickly little guys, unless they were protective… 🙂
    Good writing

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