The Peasant’s Golden Arches

The power’s still out and all-night walmarts are closed

And the world is instantly thrown back 100 years except there’s a glowing universe in everyone’s pocket.
I’m sure this inactivity a nice band aid
on the gaping wound that is the environment, economy, everything.
But it can’t be too helpful because the power is only out on this street. We are forgotten. I suffer in the ghetto of nowhere middle west.
And yet I am fatter than 90 percent of humans who ever lived,
and most could not imagine my pure abundance of stuff.
Yet me and my neighbors are poor.
We’re unhealthy, we do drugs, shootings are a common occurance.
The greatest contradiction
One that seems to shake the human condition to its very core
Was the invention of the mcdouble
And a society that made its poor fat

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