photo credit: jeymonde, London 2019

PHYSICS FOR CATS BOP                              A late hour 6 poem


The world is topsy-turvy, unhinged.

And what if I no longer have a furry black cat

to caress & cuddle in this groundless time

of staying at home, small social bubbles

ear-looped cloth masks, and now, perhaps

safely six-feet socializing under the trees.


The cat’s on a trolley and can’t get off.


An upheaved time of strife and inequities.

What if I live alone and my social bubble

is exactly one in three? – me, myself, and I – and

everyone I know and love on Zoom

or FaceTime.  And why would cats

need physics?  Cats can solve problems.

They’re already masters of space — leaping

from the window sill, to the floor and back.


Yes, perhaps I need to adopt a cat –

a fond-of-leaping Abyssinian; a curious

tabby; a loud-mouthed Siamese, or

a muscular Ragdoll that loves to go limp.

Maybe then I can learn physics and solve

what needs fixing – right now!


The cat’s on a trolley and can’t get off.


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