Good Morning? Seriously?

Not a¬†good morning was this one –
Just to be honest.

A late night at my treasure island of a job
Had me staring through miles of brake lights
In the soft moonlight of
After hours freeway construction.

And then…

And then!
After filling two tanks,
Both mine and the car’s,

Three hours later,
Yes, THREE, two in the
Soft moonlight of construction,

Nearly home, within minutes, of my front door,
Driving through a welcome mist
Called rain here in the drought,

Flashing lights.
Caution cones.

Police cars in the soft mist of hallelujah
Water from the sky!
No moonlight.

DUI checkpoint ahead.
No one’s dead.


“Good morning, Ma’am.”
Oh, yea…. I did leave the office at ten.
It’s nearly one in the moonless misty morning.

“Any alcohol tonight?”

By now, don’t I wish!
Slowed by providence another ten minutes,
To ensure a triple commute.

Thou shalt not save time
Playing hooky
Just to clean the house!

Teens at the curb
Wear smirking smiles
Of mischief
Waiting for Daddy
In pajamas.

Could have been worse.

I’m home!

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