Just saw it…
the proof.

Not that I didn’t already know.

But, OH how my heart breaks.
These tears, right behind my eyes.

Spoiled children at the helm
who never found adultness.

Oh, you!

As if the shame you already bear
isn’t enough.

It wasn’t enough. It’s never
enough for you…


Narcissistic brats in suits,
ties, dresses, and heels.

Not “satanists” any more than
the bible you thump

as you spit forth
faux “thoughts and prayers”

in cover of your crimes.

Sorry I couldn’t make your winter
party three years ago.

I don’t like crowds.

And, I don’t like you.

Real children, little ones
with smiling faces…

innocent ones who would
wonder why you don’t play fair…

They are so much better
than you.

What happened to you?

What tragedy of your youth
took away your adult soul?

I’d so like to feel sorry for you,
but, I don’t. I don’t. I can’t.

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