Get Off the Top of My Head!

My stomach hurts!
Head foggy with sedentary gloom.
I need a walk.

It’s beautiful out.
Cloudy, chilly, hot,
With birds chirping,
and breeze blowing

I haven’t walked in my forest for weeks,
And weeks and weeks,
Too busy escaping the drum and drone of
For next, until if then.

Oh My God, how I hate
An hour and a half
To and fro.

Last night I escaped a DUI check.
Not drunk, just nerve wracking
After three hours in construction traffic.
Miles of red lights.

I need a job closer to my forest.
I need a job within my forest.
I need my forest.

It sucks being smart and female.
Let me bitch just a little here.
Smart, female, pretty, talented, creative,
And as a result, largely unemployable
Outside the scope of women’s work.

How strange that men are so strange.
Truly strange.
We are told we need one,
Like a fireplace needs a match.
But now I am convinced they need us far more.

I cannot pretend I need a match,
So, I am un-weddably large
For all practical purposes.

I cannot belong,
So I cannot belong. Sigh.
If only they had the staying power
Of masking tape on a wet surface.
I have so little patience.
If only I had more time.

More money and more time.
Money is the key to it all.
Money to pay the bills,
To live,
To exist,
To eat,
Too much.
To be.

Money coming in like waves.

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