The Explanation

Before the world began

There was math.

One plus one was always two,

And I loved it that way.

So, I decided to paint.

I threw color at the canvas

And warped the silken threads.

This, of course, was all in my head.

And then I saw you.

Right there in the middle of a blob of blue,

Was you, Love.

I was amazed that such an accidental

Splash of color could create

A being of light,

Like me.

I am that I am,

And I have always been.

I think, I feel, I see, I desire, I cry, I laugh.

Most of the time I laugh.

All of the time, I love.

Some of the time I wonder

Why my Loves, my beautiful Loves,

Love me in the sky when I am here

Among them, wandering aimlessly,

Laughing at their petty feuds,

And knowing, all the while,

That I am.

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