Apart of the Family

Craddled & trained

Ball catching but I prefer food

Sniffing through the garbage bag

Hopefully my master’s nowhere around

Chasing the squirrels and field bunnies

Sprawling out in the shade

Rolling over back and forth to take that itch away

Aware of my surroundings

Keen sense of anyone or thing approaching me or them

Gulps of water from a bowl, or even rain water sitting in one of the holes I dug up the other day

Restless a lot but caressing me a special way eases my nerves

I try to be nice and play but the strangers run away

Yet I do have my moments when I get defensive, ready to attack

It’s just how I’m wired and how my family told me I should act

Unless I choose to disobey

And do it my way

Face my punishment

No daily park trip

Nor walk around the neighborhood

Just pacing in and out the rooms of our house

I still love them though

I make my discontent heard through moans

They go away

I do my usual thing

A familiar scent

Instantaneous tail wagging

My friend is home

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