Home Sweet Home

Home is where you drop your mask, forge your armored disguise

Doesn’t mean they’re always wrong

Sometimes you’ve got to be strong

Even when it feels like the world’s falling down,

You can still come around

Different times and different places

sometimes familiar, sometimes strangers

Even when you’ve run so far

you can come home, the one place people know who you are

It wasn’t always like this

I used to feel alone, especially when they surrounded me, told me I was too different

asked me how I could think the way I do

Preaching the truth, my thoughts were impossible and stupid

At least when I was alone I could lose myself in books

Magic never ending, a place to run away to, at least for a while

Then I saw you smile

I had to look again, and tho’ I needed a frien’

I was scared to let you in

I’ve never trusted anyone, my mother gave me concrete proof that I was right

in at least that decision, but it was a lonely place

never show my real face, without feeling deep disgrace

How did I get this one time chance

when you asked me to dance,

we heard the same song

please don’t prove me wrong.

We’ve both had our faults, made our apologies

made our promises to keep,

us sane and safe and secure

This has to be for sure

I’m too old to start over, too jaded to think I could

It’s you and me forever, that’s what’s understood

If we fall apart tomorrow or sometime down the road

please remember sweetheart, my souls been bought and sold

You are my tomorrow, You’re my end of days

my life would surely be over if we ever parted ways

we moved, we’ve changed, but my love has stayed the same

Hometown doesn’t exist for me

You’re the end of the game.

Take this song into your heart, feel it in your soul

Our lives are but a soundtrack,

our Home Sweet Home,

built by Rock and Roll.





3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hello! Thank you for commenting. Does it sound too off? I meant to change the tone because I was thinking of a friend joking about our lives having a soundtrack no matter what is going on, and how much our tastes fluctuate from slow and warm to raucous and crazy. If you think it sounds too rough and way out of place I would like to rethink it and possibly change it. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. Michelle

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