prompt # 1


in History

So many that gave themselves to change, to freedom in careers

to fly

to care for other humans

to amplify mother nature.

Shine the light


on lady liberty.

a gift from France

a symbol even now

we can idolize.

a woman representing liberation of slavery

abolish slavery.

2020 the world is together

in this fight against disease

in this century old power

we call racism.

as emma lazarus words resonate toward immigrants

Lady Liberty was brought to the NY Harbor

before Ellis island opened.

Lady Liberty

holds the shackles of slavery

originally she was bound with chains

Her history is lost among other immigrants to the new America.

Another important title for a woman:

First Lady

One first lady to hold it

Eleanor Roosevelt

First lady of the world

for her establishment in the value of human rights

civil rights.

“A woman is like a tea bag,

you can’t tell how strong she is,

until you put her in hot water.”

Takes a lot for a woman to break down.



suffer more than

their patriarchal counterparts.

Will Lady Liberty allow

in 2020

to “enlightening the world”?

The flame she lights

to see

to witness

to throw.

to pass on

generation to generation

century to century.






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