Serious people consider themselves pardons of indulgence. He will go out of his way to talk for an attempt at scholarly validity. Impatient with individual blindness.

Confront it head on. Stormy waves broken with great mountains of gigantic fish. Mythological subjects airy in imagination.

The feats, the fates, the proper history of the world fabricated as his-story! Forecasting the day men propel themselves to penetrate and kill. A wrecking excrescence she exudes from between her thighs.

Cadaverous human communities sold for thousands of generations. She commits suicide as we murder her. She is a broken delicate crust as we are trapped whales squirming to find blame.

Despite beautification, despite death, despite human beings…

the gunpowder and the rum are stronger than the horses

The king does not cry for us but for the Capital and Technology. The legendary cries for everything he touches turns to gold. Even his tongue.

But, not his humans.

We bow down and turn to death. Shriveling into ships that will carry conquistadors along with rats over the seas into a fiscal ruin.

Disease is our weapon. Rampage our faith. Foreign lands our home.

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