Give it to me

let me feel your awesomeness,

fill me with all its splendor, its wholeness

Give it to me

and allow me to envelop him with all my womanhood

enter unhesitantly, deeper, to the dark recesses of hidden pleasure

Give it to me

thrust into me, vigorously, unrelenting

thrust into me, to the titillating culmination

thrust into me, to the rhythm of combined heartbeats,

labor breaths, pulsating

thrust into me, to the ultimate sighs, moans,

tight embraces, uncontrollable, penetrating kisses

Give it to me

the juices that make it alive

the juices that pour out lovingly, sensuously, languorously,

and the clashes, and subsequent merging of bodies,

intertwine, as one heart, one body, one soul…

Yes, oh yes, give it to me…NOW!

2 thoughts on “17 GIVE IT TO ME…

  1. I love this demand for uninhibited sex and sexuality on a shared basis. Bravo for explicit courage.

    You write Thrush several times. Do you mean “Thrust?”

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