Poem 22

Walking along the shore on summer Sunday afternoons,

collecting rocks and shells, cooling our feet,

you and I.

I always wanted to walk behind you to fit my feet

into your footprints

before the waves came to take them away.

My heart was always afraid a wave would come

to take you away from me.

You were strong and brave in my eyes.

You believed in me and knew I could do great things.

You helped me with my homework and got me past

third grade math.

You took the first story I ever wrote to work

and shared it with everyone in the office.

You took my first poem too.

You knew I had a gift with words.

One day the wave came

to take you away from me.

When things get hard for me,

I write my words and

remember you,

whispering your name for strength:



Eve Remillard


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