Instantly I’m reminded of my favorite childhood movie, “The Secret Garden”

That I’d to get lost in as a young girl

It consumed my mind and my heart

Caught up in their intensely emotional and magical world

I’d be sucked in to the painful undertones

I remember crying every time

Even when I memorized the story line

There was beauty in their struggles, virtues in their pain

And an extraordinary bond between three children

Who had come from different worlds

Seeking the same thing, an unyielding love

Together they challenged their circumstance

With the hope and determination of even a glance

Of a mysterious garden that enchanted their hopeful hearts

And through the screen, they shared with me

A vision of love I had never before seen

Through magic and wanderlust

I had been given the key to my own mystery

The key to perseverance, allowing me

To continue to chase the beauty in spite of my misplaced trust

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