2019 #10 Letter to my friend

Back in the day

You and I stood in the rain one night

Across from a building on University Place

Stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend

You just wanted a glimpse

Of that bitch.


You offered me my first joint

In some random bar in the village

I played it cool but declined

Making Nancy Reagan proud.


You asked me to be a bridesmaid

At your wedding in Vegas

I agreed, but then begged out

Awkward and scared I wouldn’t know how to act

Like the other girls.


We get together often now

You have two daughters

You used to say you’d never have children

And I laugh at that thought.


I haven’t changed one bit since that night in the rain

Timid and a straight up Dudley do-right

You have moved remarkably with time

And I have stood still.

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