Strange Sweet Laughter

This poem is actually about Mopsy, the very first cat in our family, who lived to be a grand old lady of 19 and was named after the rabbits Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail and Peter, in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit. :)

Strange Sweet Laughter

You will be remembered
you will be missed
as sure as this
time next year will come around again
leaving victims of the verb
to be Decembered.

Neither taken by the hand nor kissed
one more casualty of the vain
hope that New Year will change
tomorrow's game
and fortune will raise a glass
and join us getting pissed
or partaking some other herb or poison
to transform days
into daydreams.

With strange sweet laughter
like water
stretching beyond the horizon
and the sunset after
evening glitter caught your eyes
and all else ceased to matter.

You will be remembered
amongst driftwood memories
dashed on rocks.
You will be missed
and every sigh that passes lips
along with breath
will echo with your voice,
never lost.

3 thoughts on “Strange Sweet Laughter

  1. I mis having a cat around the house. It’ll be 3 years in November since Mr. Bix departed. When I came back from America to Wales I had to leave my cat Maggie behind, though she’s happily living with my old dialysis nurse in Rochester, NY and she must be about 13 years old herself now (though I’m only guessing how old she was when she came to live with me and my ex-partner) 🙂

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