Lost and Found

The land knows you, even when you are lost.
It will find you and bring you home. 
Sometimes faith feels so distant and it leaves the landscape dark.
But the light inside of your spirit will illuminate bright with a steady spark. 
Keep your eyes on the road, your gaze on the path
Know that the sun will shine on you in the aftermath

When you are lost, just close your eyes.
You will find a great surprise 
You're never to lost and never alone
Your angel is nearby, to take you back home. 

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Gina, thank you so much for commenting on my poem Word Affair. I was inspired to read some of your poetry and I was moved by this one so much. I, like many, walk by Faith, but the way you expressed that path, through your words in this poem are poignant. It was also nice to read about your granddaughter and the positive work you are doing with FACE. ~ Bless! Ayanna

    P.S. Thanks for the nudge, when I looked at my Word version I saw that I omitted concrete from the uploaded post. 😉

    1. Two funny things….
      The nudge was unintentional. I didn’t see it as missed. I wasn’t surprised at all when I visited your website. It seems that you have a lot of great writings. I look forward to following your updates.

      I was so busy reading that I didn’t notice that “Ayanna” tie. LOL! She has great ideas to continue her series. I would love to see her great recognition for her writing.

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