The Place

There is something I need to say about this place where I live

Not the structure that protects my head from rain

This body, my living frame that I live in each day

It follows me everywhere that I go

It is broken and tattered, but clean and warm

It sometimes welcome’s the happy friend; that sometimes leaves as a willing stranger

This place where I live hold the Joy of celebrations new and old

It is a place that embodies my immortal soul and

It is the place my soul will leave behind when living here is no longer right.  


This place where I live has stood strong through all seasons

Its windows have been clouded and clear, its door has been locked and left open.

I want to say, about this place that I live, that I love it more every day….because it is mine

I have, yes, had occasion to want it destroyed and sadly have purchased my own wrecking ball

But I’m glad permission was not granted to tear it down.  

This place, where I live, will be the place where I am nurtured and nourished

This place, where I live, will be the place where I am comforted and caressed

This place, is where I will Live

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