The Bayou

The evening sounds of jazz squealing through the New Orleans streets kept the children alive and burning with heat. The unsettling energy was like fire beneath their feet generating instant mischief and moves so fast the music lost it’s beat.
The bayou is filled with mystery and gigantic frogs along the river. As they call for rain the children gathers jars to quiet the sounds of their dinner.
The gentleman laying under the stars considered the inquisitive minds of his nearby litter. Do they understand the life in the bayou and the death in the river.
The children approach his madness and wonder if this man has kept his promise and their reward.
The sudden quiet released whispers as he stood strong and tall against the midnight sky.
The gentleman released a ribbon of light and the children celebrated and one even cried for this was the greatest of gift of all as the illuminated path led them back to the very beginning of the afternoon sounds of smooth jazz.

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