What if the Native People in this country

had boarded giant canoes that took them

all the way across the waters to Europe?


What if they came ashore on the rugged coast of Wales

and took the continent by storm…seen as seers from far away.


Countries all wanted visits from this gifted group,

in touch with nature in a way not known in that day.


Europeans realized faults in their expansionist attitudes,

learned to live off the land with little waste,

discovered a kinship with trees, lakes and seas.


Kings gave away luxurious lifestyles

went on pilgrimages to find

their inner selves

ended up in bliss.


The tribes then flourished all over the continent,

wanted to share a more personal vision.


They took some explorers home

on humongous canoes.


What do you think happened

once they got to the place

that would be known as Acirema?







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