Flight to the Future

Moisture builds on my hands like dew on mountain foliage
I smile nervously at the girl with curly hair in the seat next to me
The stewardess sounds like the adults on Charlie Brown as they relay safety protocols
The runway starts to slide behind me like pages in a flip book
My stomach drops as we lift into the sky
My eyes darting between the wing and the aisle waiting for alcohol service
Ice cubes collide in my plastic cup cracking under a stream of ginger ale
My mini bottle of tequila held tightly in my fist as I tilt my head back for distilled agave
My knee bouncing up and down like a jazz drummer in a solo
The ocean opens up as a blue canvas below me
Focus for the in flight movie impossible as my mind returns to the ring box in my carry on
I look at the girl with the curly hair again wondering if she’ll say yes

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