We live that word

She lifts me with her laugh leaving me longing for more ways to bring her joy
We join in song, voices dancing like dolphins dipping across crested waves
Her heart holds a capacity for caring and kindness akin to tales of saints
Her eyes are an endless pool of wonder and curiosity
Her lips melt into mine with tenderness and the tension of anticipation
I hold her like a puzzle piece holds it’s partner
Our bodies curving together in a yin yang releasing reality from parameters of what was previously believed possible
When we pray together miracles manifest
I find peace while watching her sleep
Her angelic innocence emanates from her exhales casting a spell that binds me to her essence.
When apart she flutters around my mind distracting me with delights from our last dalliance
My phone rings joyfully when she’s on the line
Everytime I hear her call me babe I fall a little deeper for this Aphrodite diety
I yearn to provide all of her needs before she even knows them.
I dote on her desires like Hephestus tending the fires of his forge
I take pleasure when we exchange teaching and learning
Even when she is in the next room I find myself yearning
Our passion purifies my soul burning away particles of past pain
I eagerly await the day we share the same last name

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