Hour 17


Hour 17

It’s 7:25

Nighttime on Maui

Twelve hours ago we flipped off lights

Now they are back on

Cat is ready for his nightly jaunts

My body craves sleep and normalcy

I don’t remember either

Words struggle with me now

Taunting me

Hiding behind who I thought I was

Crunch time

This is when the marathon sizzles

It wisps and quakes

Shrivels us inside out

I have been whipped by the sestina

Don’t remember my possessions

And if my sister reads that poem

It will be all over

I am numb inside and out

Coffee will be in my near future

So will that bag of chips

I promised to eat in small controlled amounts

A forgotten soul in a worn out body

I ignore my back pain

I look to the end

Hold to the present

The past is just jumbled words

Memory salad, word punch

I don’t remember who I used to be

Maybe I never knew



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