Hour fourteen- The Skull with the Daisy

The graying clouds had overcome the sun

Leaving it dreary and depressed

Glad to have the heat calmed

I knew rain wouldn’t be far behind

The hike had been long

And I was sore

But I hastened my stride

Not wanting to be out late or

Too Long


I tripped

A rock had rolled onto the path

I had not seen it.

My face falling into the dirt

I looked around

The trail was deserted

No one to help. I tried to stand

I failed

I laid, giving in to the frustration for just a moment

I would try again

My eyes caught something. It was white.

I pulled my attention closer

Pulled myself up as best I could

And crawled towards it

My leg was bleeding

But my face turned ashen

A skull, human, picked clean

Just off the trail

A single daisy growing up through it

Not too far away other bones

I thought of the missing women

The missing hikers

The missing girlfriends

Whose bodies were never found

I grabbed my phone

There was no signal

I tore a sleeve from my shirt

And wrapped my leg

I stood up, wobbly

I grabbed anything I could to mark the spot

Rocks, branches, making a circle

Around the skull

Around the place

I began to walk the trail again

Trying to remember each clue

To where I was

The skull image blistering my brain.

I pushed myself

Pulled myself. down the mountain

down to the end of the trail

everyone was gone

Only I remained

The sun setting

I reached for my phone

A small signal

I called for help

The answer never came

A moment later

a whack, my head screaming in pain

I hit the dirt again

I looked up

His full body a giant above me

A log in hand, he hit me again

and again and again


My skull would never grow a daisy

My picture would be on a poster

I also rest

In an unmarked grave

Just off the trail

A reminder to women

Never hike alone

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