Maggie Motivation-Hour 23

I am what is left of your inner strength

Your late hour motivational therapist

My name is Margaret, Maggie for short

I live on the bridge of your nose

I walk up and down, eyes to mouth

Searching for ways to keep you going

I would like to recommend some yoga

Maybe pushups, Sit ups perhaps

When was the last time you walked?

I know the answer to that

We need to talk about that too.

Write this thing already.

This and one more hour

Leave the junk-food alone

Keep your eyes open

Stay motivated to complete the task at hand

There will be rewards

Not the physical ones you like

Inner ones

Ones that will keep you strong

Don’t throw that pillow at me

We will do this, we are doing this

One word on top of another

Fit them, stack them

make them bleed

That’s the way

Poem, poem, poem

Now doesn’t that feel better?


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