Phantom (sestina)


It’s late and hard to Sustain
His brain sings the same Refrain
Life was not planned Judicious
Trying to stay living is ludicrous
Deep in the night lives Phantom
He strikes song his only AnthemThe song he sang as Anthem
Carried his heart to Sustain
He knew sometimes it was ludicrous
He just wanted to be Judicious
He sang loud his odd Refrain
That spirited lost song filled PhantomA lone sad and songful Phantom
Belting in hallways his glorious Anthem
Carried his melody hard to Sustain
His witnesses laughed it was ludicrous
His pointed song was forever Judicious
Singing his lonely night time Refrain

The song was a drifting Refrain
Sung by the lonely lost Phantom
In haunted halls singing his Anthem
To keep his presence he must Sustain
His whole routine seemed almost ludicrous
But his heart knew twas Judicious

Carrying her memory was always Judicious
He sang her name each Refrain
Proving his love had to Sustain
She would love him through Anthem
That lonely sad singing Phantom
Whose whole dark existence seemed ludicrous

The ghost hunters thought it ludicrous
To help him kept them Judicious
They heard his lost sad Refrain
Sang by the broken hearted Phantom
Singing his lost love’s sad Anthem
The sound his love could Sustain

Try to Sustain Tho is ludicrous
His sad Refrain His love Judicious
Lonely lost Phantom Singing her Anthem

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