Writer’s Getaway

I am making a lovely writer’s getaway

On the back lanai

There are palm trees and green grass

And our broken Christmas Amaryllis

Lost to the wind

I pull out the big brown vinyl chairs

Using a towel to clean them

The towel turns dirt red

It’s been awhile

The bougainvillea greet me

They dance in deep purple and

cheery red, and dainty orange

I clean off a spot for a computer and notebook

I smell the fresh morning air

Just a hint of ocean, flora

Plumeria and papaya

This will be amazing.


I finish my task


I recheck everything,

repositioning chairs

wiping a missed spot

the true beauty around me takes my breath away

I cannot understand why I

stay inside


A large carpenter bee appears

Dive bombs at me

I duck and weave

He buzzes my ear

Hissing a warning

Reminds he has friends

Lots of them


I slither inside


Writer’s getaway abandoned

I hope the bee enjoys his retreat.


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