A Broad Mixture of Words

wasn’t a burden transcribed for us.
Most times, it’s not  weight that sink a ship.
I know you do not like reading what was scribbled
for us. I think you knew more children that I know.
The cold is not leaving us soon. It has learnt doggedness from the sons of Israel.
Sit them down beside the burning flame
Be still and listen to them as you would, God,
speaking to you from the holy of most holies.
I am afraid you’re walking the broad way.
I still haven’t judge neither would I ever.
How displeasing it is to walk a cramp road.
My ear stools excess word of God _
can there ever be a party of spirit outflow?
I want to say no written word is irrelevant.
As important as air to the body, so are they.
In my home where fire burns everything alive,
we depend on words to live a life life denied us.
Welcome those who do not welcome us.
And because I have a haunting image of you as a rebel,
I am recommending plenty of what was written.

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