7pm – The Madwoman


She stands at the front door
Spiral-bound notebook and pen in hand
Tongue between her teeth
She taps the end of the pen on her page.

Friend opens the door from inside, and exclaims!
“Why didn’t you ring the bell?! Come in!”

“Shh! You’re ruining the mood!”
The girl on the step, the poet, says.

“What do you mean?
What could make you stand out on a porch
So near to dark
In a neighbourhood so bad?
You’re mad!”

“Yes! Yes, I know it!”
Exclaimed the poet
“This closed door’s my inspiration
– danged Muse is on vacation –
But of course I know I’m mad!
Mad artists and mad scientists,
It’s just another word for genius!
Leave sanity for the average folk
I’d rather be out of my mind, and know
The secrets of the universe
As shown in a closed front door.”

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