Hour 16 The apology

I should’ve said this sooner
I am sorry…
it’s too late
however I am sorry.

I am sorry that my pride was too big to see past your intentions.
I am sorry that I went about it in an arrogant manner.
like whether you existed didn’t really matter.
I am sorry for going all quiet on you.

I am sorry for staying  angry and hurt for so long.
it has taken a great deal of time to understand and cope.

And for not learning to bend soon enough.

compromise has never been my forte.

I am sorry for hurting you in ways I can’t even imagine.
For turning a cold shoulder and pretending to be indifferent.

I don’t know why I did it,
its pretty immature.

I should’ve just said sorry for all the things I have left unsaid.

I hope you recieve all the things that are meant for you.
I hope you find friends who look after your heart and are not afraid of speaking vulnerably.

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