#POEMNo21 Letters to Me -j.r.m© 2016

Dear me,
You are love and you are loved.
Always remember this,
never let anyone convince you any different.

With love from
-The Brand New Brave Me.

Dear 19 year old anxious me,
Let go of trying to control everything,
Stop overthinking and worrying yourself crazy,
Calm down love
why in such a hurry?
Breathe in, Breathe out.
Embrace the chaos,
Embrace the mess you are,
for it is art.
Trust the process.

Love from the
still anxious future you.

Dear 18 year old heartbroken me,
Sometimes it’s not meant to be
and you will have to make peace
with this fact…
I know it’s a hard pill to swallow and
sometimes you meet the most unforgettable people
at a hellish time with whom you create the most beautiful spontaneous memories.
They are meant to guide you through
keeping you company while you walk the fire.
Life is a bitch like that way.

From the future you,
who still hasn’t got over him.

Dear 21 year old me,
You’ll get there eventually..
Trust me, I’ve been there,
and after it’s done you’ll love
what you have become,
because of the ups and downs.

Future you

PS: Ibeautiful-best-inspo-love-Favim.com-860502 am from the future and I promise it’s worth it..


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