Poem 15: A Tribute to Emily Dickinson  “Berries”


I taste a concoction

An investment of time

sublime. In the elegance of the heritage crystal

Of berries so rich and royal

Such potency!


The family room

Takes on an air of inebriation

Like the carpet is dewed

with aged cherry

a merry playful mist ensues


There are words of nectar

Wine and fortification

Going to fine Inns

To carry on this rousing

Shall there be but more?


This, the soup of hope

In nature’s bowl

Our souls the spoon of courage

And wonder

Rimmed with idle curiosity


Sweet and sour

The pain of what draws me

And the joy of dawning retreat

The victory of my shelter

Whether wood or a broken heart


The little miracles

In frantic flight

The sight of buzzing Bees

In their visitation

of fragrant passing




a part of me

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