Poem 20: A Tribute to Pauline Johnson “Severed Hide”


You have my heart

so we’ll never part

Many things can destroy us

Turning us to dust

but we are never passed away

As the sun shines so gay

The music of our dance

is the infinite sound of our chance

What befalls the white man’s hand

Footsteps in our sacred sand

Our home is empty, except our love

tenderly held by our sister’s glove

The plains are bare

our knives in much less care

We speak not to our beasts of life

our friends that freed us from starving strife

Do what you must

but we have to conquer trust

and not let hatred steal

The faithful passion that we feel

Curse the fate of the human soul

no matter who or when the drums do roll

We are blessed with courage and faith

tying us to the past warrior’s wraith

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