Question Period

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Question Period


The group decided to stretch

Some touring the house

Even considering sauna

Others, visiting the Giant Schnauzer, the King of the house


I was approached and asked

How did you manage to do this?

Just a lot of planning

I showed them my lap-top, as simple as this


They could see the itinerary

All laid out

They shook their heads

And what was that Evoo ab-out


Oh yes… the best of all

Olive oil made from Koroneiki olives

High in oxidants, a wonderful buttery taste

Cheers to the effulgent olive


And where did you hear about that prune recipe?

Absolutely insane

Learned from a Ukrainian chef, many years ago

Enough of it, you’ll go insane


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

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