The Volunteers

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


The Volunteers


Someone was observant

Noticing the mess

Hesitant to speak

Until firmly advising, “Let’s clean up the mess.”


So when I looked

I realized shew was right

There was no room on the counter

From the left or the right


The eager helpers

cried, “Great, we’ll have it all cleared before dessert”

I was slightly embarrassed

But finalized the dessert


They rinsed all the dishes, forks knives and spoons

Filling the dishwasher and clearing the counter

It made it easy the rest of the way

And I thanked them for the re-birth of my counter


Thanks so much ladies

I won’t wake up tomorrow to a clutter

I will remember now the importance

On the mid-term removal of clutter


DeaBeePea  6-26-20

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