Time for a Luau

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Time for a Luau


The grand finale

From trees and cacao seeds fermented

A simple pie, with flakey coconut

A history of passion, fermented


My fresh-baked pie crust

Passed the flakey test

And the fudge-y chocolate pudding filling

Challenged me in the dieting test


I cheated

Adding a few butterscotch chips

For a touch of buttery glory

So down were the chips


The rich heavy cream

And the coconut milk

Gave a creaminess never before known

And this pleasure I am sure to milk


The whipped cream topped it off

With a light river of Malibu rum

Temptation for seconds

Tum-de rum-tum-de-rum


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

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