Good Afternoon Catfish

Good afternoon catfish, surely you must’ve slept late

cause you didn’t touch a single thing I put on your breakfast plate

I threw it right at you, right in your bed a mouthful at a time

But you didn’t take any of it and that bait was USDA prime

It is well past lunchtime now, the perfect hour for a snack

I’ve packed some Vienna Sausages, got ’em right in my sack

They are the best kind, covered in delicious hot sauce

I just had a great idea that you’ll find out about with my next toss

I’ll dip one of those plastic lures right down into that sausage can

And I’ll send it right down to you, you whisker faced wise man

Maybe that will spark some life into you after your good night sleep

And you will pay me a little visit from the cold and muddy deep


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