Treasure Island

We made a plan to escape and we are on our way to Treasure Island but not for the treasure

We’ve come for the serenity, the peace of mind and the thought that we have nothing to look for just some place to be without a reason to be

Here we are we and we are not them. We are not bound by the to do’s or the responsibilities of a modern world. Here we do not require knowing the time, the place or the next move

Here we can dance under the soft moonlight after hours into the early morning. We can drift away sending our thoughts into the sea, sending our love into the air, keeping this moment to ourselves

Treasure Island is a place everyone knows but a place where nobody stays. Most of us come looking for treasure, leaving empty handed not knowing the gifts are here in your hands, in this moment

Should you find yourself here by chance one day on this island of treasure, stop looking and you will find what you came for

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